Fully inclusive Rates

Our prices include All Risk insurance, Full Waiver, No Excess


Voorwaarden, Condities en Richtlijnen

Wie kan bij ons een auto huren?
Iedereen die
– minstens al 1 jaar lang een geldig rijbewijs heeft
(indien dat korter dan 1 jaar is, neem even contact met ons op om samen te kijken naar de mogelijkheden)

Wat heb ik nodig om een auto te huren van Horizon?
–  Een vast adres in elk willekeurig land, Geldig paspoort of ID-kaart, geldig rijbewijs
– Indien woonachtig in Bulgarije hebben we het volledige adres nodig: Straat, Blok (of huis-) nummer, Ingang, Verdieping en appartement nummer. Dus niet alleen de Straat en het Blok.

Is there a deposit?
No, you don’t need to pay a deposit.

What is included in the price?
– unlimited kilometers * 
– extra drivers
– Pick Up and Drop Off in whole Sofia, incl. Airport, Railway-/Bus station, hotel etc.
– Road Tax and Vignet
– Full Casco Insurance with full Waiver (No own risc)
– Road Assistance
– Airport Charge
– Our excellent service and smile

* For cross-bordering there is a limit of 400km/day.

What is excluded?
Any damage when:
– caused deliberate or by misbehavior or reckless driving of the renter
– after using alcohol of drugs
– another driver, not on the rental agreement, was driving the car
– after unnecessarily driving on rough terrain and/or unpaived roads

but also
– Damage to the interior of the car
– (Traffic -) fines
– Loss of keys or documents

In case of Theft:
– the car was not locked
– the alarm was not activated
– documents were left in the car
– you can’t provide the key

Please Note:
After an accident you will always need call the Traffic Police and have a written document by them. When this document is not present all damage will be at your own expenses.!!
When the car comes back very dirty inside a charge of max. € 15,- for extra cleaning can be in place. 

Can we drive with the car to another country?
– Yes, cross border is allowed. but not to all countries and there are extra and other rules.
– Countries that are fully excluded: Kosovo*,
– Countries that are partly excluded: Albania (some roads)*, 
– Countries that are allowed: Macedonia, Montenegro,  Bosnia & Herzegvina, Croatia and all EU-countries

– A one time fee is applicable. This fee is € 45,- and also covers road assistance.
– When cross-bordering the kilometers are limited to average 400km/day. This will be more than enough to make f.i. a great tour through the Balkan countries, like: Sofia – Skopje – Tirana – Dubrovnik – Sarajevo – Belgrade – Sofia (total ~ 1.800km).
Extra kilometers cost € 0,05/km.

Example 1:
You rent the Nissan Micra for 3 days. You drive 1.800km.
Extra costs to be paid: 600km. à 0.05 = € 30,00
Example 2:
You rent the Kia Sportage for 5 days. You drive 3.300km.
Extra costs to be paid: 1300km. à 0.05 = € 65,00
Example 3:
You rent the Ford Focus for 8 days. You drive 3200km.
There are no extra costs.

Can we pay the rent with a Credit Card?
Yes, when you choose to pay through Paypal. In this case major Credit Cards are accepted.
No, when you choose to pay upon arrival, in which case you can only pay by cash

Can we drop the car off in another town?
Unfortunately, NO.
However, We can/will drop you off anywhere in Sofia at no extra costs

What happens when I/we get a fine?
You can either be stopped by the police or the police can send a notification about a fine (ticket).
When you are stopped and pay the fine directly, all is settled. Horizon won’t get a notification.
When we get a notification for a ticket we will send this notification to you and request to pay it through Paypal within 3 days. We’ll pay the (traffic-) police on your behalf and all is settled.

Costs of fines/tickets after the rental period!!
Be aware that it can take up to years before we get notified that you got a fine/ticket.

we’ll send a copy of the notification of a fine/ticket to you by email with the request to pay within a week to our bank- or Paypal account. This period is strict.
Receiving the amount in time means that we will pay the fine on your behalf. In other cases we’ll hand the copy of your ID and Drivers License to the Traffic Police who will take it further.
Fines are increasing per notification. The second notification comes in a few weeks after each other and the fines are every time higher.

After your booking through the site you should get a confirmation email from the booking system.
In case you haven’t received the confirmation:
– check your spam-folder. Sometimes it shows up in there.
– doublecheck the email you provided.
– Contact us at info@horizoncarrental.eu or call: 0879 466 408

In the confirmation mail you find the instructions for providing documents needed and for the pick up/drop off.

When we haven’t received the documents a few days before the rental period, we will send out a reminder to the email provided. We don’t call. When we don’t get a reaction we (might) assume that somebody tried to be funny and made a fake-reservation and cancel the reservation in our system.