Fully inclusive Rates

Our prices include All Risk insurance, Full Waiver, No Excess


Terms, Conditions and Guidelines 

Who can rent/lease our cars?
Everyone who has a 
–  Valid driver’s license* for at least 5 years
–  Permanent address in any country, Valid ID-card or passport, valid drivers license*
–  Bulgarian Lichna Karta
–  Bulgarian address and rental contract on that address
*  Driver’s license must given out by a country that has  agreed to – or has a ratification of the Vienna 
   Convention on Road Traffic – 1968 or must be together with a valid IDP.**
*  Driver’s license must meet the criteria as stated by the Bulgarian law

When your driver’s license is NOT a card format with already a translation but f.i. an older model (such as. a pink linen 3-pages one) then it must come with an official translation or with an IDP** 
** – (International Driving Permit – also known as International Driver’s License).

As we first recently have changed from short- to long-term rental/lease, the information on this page may still be not complete. 

When any question please ask us.