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                                                                OPERATIONAL CAR LEASE

You now can lease a car for a certain period and after which it may become yours!!

Suppose that you are looking for a car but are afraid to take the risk of buying a 2nd hand one in Bulgaria. Although wise to be afraid, it doesn’t bring you a car.

What would be when you could have a car without this insecurity? Interested? Read on:

You take a car from Horizon and lease it for a period of 2 – 5 years.
After the chosen period the car can be yours but no obligation.

We offer 2 types of leasing:
– Operational Lease (OL)
– Acquiring Operational Lease (AOL)

With the AOL the car will become yours after the contract period, you only pay for transferring the car into your name.

How does it work?
With our calculation model you can see the monthly price for the car even with different periods and – kilometres.

During the lease-period we’ll take care of all necessities. The quote is open, meaning that you can see the exact calculation that we have made and which amounts have been calculated for all the necessities, like: maintenance, insurance, technical checks, tax etc.

When you like the quote we’ll send you a concept-contract and make an appointment for a test drive.

What happens at the end of the rental period?
With an AOL, at the end of the leasing period we go together to the notary to put the car in your name.
With an OL you can choose out of a few options:
– acquire the car
– new contract for the same car
– new contract for another car
– stop leasing

But there is more:
AOL and OL: For a small monthly amount you get the option that 70% of the difference between the calculated and realized cost will be returned to you, when the, in the quote calculated operational costs turn out to have been lower.

AOL only: For a small amount you will be secured that, in some cases you can prematurely end the contract. These cases can be found further down.

Is really everything included?

Mind that the cost of fuel (Petrol/Diesel) and to put the car in your name (notary and KAT) at the end is not included in the monthly price which means that you have to pay for both. This is a standard procedure when buying a car.

What are my obligations?
You have to

  • look after the car as if it is yours
  • report any damage that occurred
  • keep the car clean, both on the out- and inside.
  • check the oil level and tyre pressure.
  • Inform Horizon when you notice something irregular on the car.
  • Take the car to Horizon when the car needs maintenance.
  • come to the assigned company for the yearly technical check at a certain day/time.

When the maintenance will take more than half a day, we give you a replacement car. This can be a different car than the one from the contract.

Can I cancel the contract before the end?
Yes, with AOL, you can take an insurance to cancel the contract when you have a valid reason. In that case we’ll even repay you a certain amount. This will clearly stated in the quote.
Valid reasons for you are:

  • Leaving Bulgaria for > 1 year
  • Long-term sickness
  • Being (unwillingly) unemployed for more than 3 months

The option to make use of a valid reason by the client ends 6 months before end of the contract.

Can Horizon cancel the contract?
Valid reasons for Horizon are:

  • Early writing off of the car
    • After accident
    • After technical breakdown
    • Economical reasons

In these cases at least a similar car will be provided or a certain amount will be returned. This will be clearly stated in the quote

Can Horizon cancel the contract for other reasons?
Yes, extra valid reasons for Horizon are:

  • Bankruptcy of client
  • After a certain arrear in payment by client
  • Not looking after the car in a proper way by client
  • Too many fines received in name of client

In these cases there will be no return of any payment.